Learning English with TV-Shows #28: to be in cahoots with sb.

aus: Arrested Development S03E01: The Cabin Show

Narrator: Michael was already at the theater looking for George Sr., when he ran into Barry doing the same thing.
Michael: Hey, Barry.
Barry: Hi, Mikey. So, how much do you know?
Michael: I know that Oscar is in prison, and that my father is a Blue Man, and that you are clearly in cahoots with him.
Barry: Ooh, a lot.
Michael: Yeah, where is he?
Barry: I don’t know. I was gonna meet him here, but he must have seen you and run off. I was gonna give him this: $250,000 and a passport.
Michael: Just a passport.
Barry: I was up for so long.
Michael: Barry, you’re fired.

to be in cahoots with sb. – Mit jemanden unter einer Decke stecken.

Weitere Begriffe:
cahoot(s) – Teilhaberschaft(en)
arrested development – angehaltene Entwicklung, Entwicklungshemmung (Deutsch ist doch manchmal echt eine eklige Sprache)

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